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sales training

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sales training

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Dear Professional Service Advisor:

The most valuable skill you can have in today's marketplace if...
    you want to succeed...
      make LOTS of money and ...
        reduce job related
          the ability to sell!

          No other skill even comes close.

          Robert Louis Stevenson was quoted as saying "Everyone lives by selling something."

          When I say "ability to sell" I don't mean selling the way most people are taught to sell...

          In fact, when most people think of a typical Service Advisor they imagine a "pushy S.O.B." jamming what they don't need, down their throat or a luke-warm order taker at many a fast food establishment.

          But these so-called "product-pushers" aren't really professional Service Advisors at all; in fact, with all their "mc-cheesy" one-liners and hand-in your wallet selling techniques...they're no better than professional pests (better known as "mc-cashiers" in the service lane)!

          So, if you're looking to become a better product-pusher using the same old "value-meal menu" mentality, then I'm sorry to say: you've come to the wrong place!

          This site ain't about all the same boring, regurgitated, useless crap that those self-proclaimed; so called "experts" have been peddling since the late seventies in their over-priced Service Advisor Sales Training seminars.

          This system gives you quantifiable, measurable results in HOURS... not DAYS or WEEKS. This program makes YOU money! Immediately!

          The 10 most "Useless Ideas" other Seminars and Training Programs Teach...
          and why they're a "HUGE" waste of your time and money!

          It's no secret: Most Service Advisors are unhappier and unhealthier than ever before. Why? Because they're operating in hostile, unwelcome selling environments where many of their customers are out for blood!

          There's no denying it: The average service customer is bombarded with more selling messages than ever before: Lemon Law Billboards, Dealer run TV Commercials, Newspaper ads, Val-Pak coupons, the Internet and the list goes on and on....

          So whether you're a Dealer, Service Manager, or Service Advisor, Whether you've been writing service for a day, week, month or years, there's something you need to understand:

          Yesterday's Service Advisor training no longer applies to today's fast-paced selling environment. What once worked for your predecessors won't work for you!

          Outdated, platitudinal pitches, warranty related threats and puffy cliches, are as obvious to your customers as a sky-blue leisure suit and white patent leather shoes; their walls of defense are up long before you open your mouth. 

          So take a moment and ask yourself:
          What have you done to prepare yourself for this insanely competitive selling environment? 

          Have you been to any Service Advisor training seminars lately?  And if so: 

          How relevant to actual selling was the information in your training class?   

          Have you read any books on "selling" lately? If so, how "cutting-edge" and timely were the strategies in your books? 

          And most importantly...Has the material been consistently tested in real-world situations?

          My name is J.D. Renego (aka, "The Renegade Trainer") and I'm a Professional Service Advisor Coach.

          Every day I'm in the trenches, teaching and perfecting every idea in this program.

          I've tested every principle before I published it and if something didn't work, I tossed it aside and looked for something that did work.

          I couldn't afford to waste time on "useless" ideas that didn't produce the results I demanded from this program. Here are just a few of the "useless" ideas that most other sales courses teach:

          Useless Idea #1: You need to become a more "Positive" Service Advisor.

          Take an idiot and get him all "pumped up". What do you have? A "pumped-up idiot."

          There is nothing worse than a really bad Service Advisor all excited and going off half-cocked with a lot of unfocused motivation. Have you ever heard these phrases:

          "Nothing will make a bad product fail quicker than good advertising"?

          or how about: "Practice makes perfect?"

          If you don't know what you're really selling, if your communication skills are outdated and you're headed in the wrong direction with almost every person you speak to, why would you want to become "more motivated" and move yourself into the wrong direction even faster?

          What about if you're practicing the wrong "stuff"? Now all you've done is make "perfect crap"!

          It amazes me how many Service Advisors will work really hard doing all the wrong things right! They spend years tinkering with outdated selling systems and wonder why they keep getting second-rate results.

          The world renowned business philosopher Jim Rohn teaches: "If you always do what you've always done; you'll always get, what you always got!"

          The Top Secret Service Advisor program shatters the thinking of the traditional "Get what you always got" training mentality.

          Useless Idea #2: You need more "sophisticated" selling techniques.

          I've spent the last 19 years and countless thousands of dollars studying all the best sales training programs I could get my hands on.

          I've read all the books. Books from Tom Hopkins, Paul Golner and Jeffrey Gitomer.

          I've listened to all the tape programs, from Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Denis Waitley, from Roger Dawson, and Tony Robbins, and I've been to more seminars than I can remember.

          I dissected each program like a scientist, methodically looking for the best techniques from each system and applying them immediately into every situation I could imagine.

          But the more I studied these programs and practiced the various techniques, the more frustrated I became.

          Nothing I found seemed to work with the consistency and ease I demanded!

          In fact, most sales training programs aren't designed to work. And if you need proof, try using 365 fancy closing tricks with one of your kids or try "information gathering" or "asking open-ended questions" with your spouse!

          If you can't get away with those so-called "skills" with the people you love and who trust you the most, why on earth would you use them with your customers and expect to achieve different results?

          Yet, that's precisely what most training programs do.

          They employ manipulative strategies and "tricks" on their customers that they wouldn't dare use on their families and friends.

          It's no surprise that the profession of Service Advisor ranks just above Lawyers and IRS tax collectors!

          Useless Idea #3: You need to master "The Art of Closing the Sale".

          The "sales close" is one of the worst inventions to enter the arena of professional selling.

          Closing techniques are nothing more than an assault on the human psyche.

          Using a "hard close" is like using a slide hammer to extract a molar. People aren't machines—they don't have particular "hot" buttons you push in order to get them to respond a certain way.

          If people were really that predictable, if selling to people were really nothing more than finding the correct "lever" to pull and then tugging on it with all your might, then it would be a lot like sliding silver dollars in a slot machine...
          (and just as rewarding???) I don't think so....

          Useless Idea #4: Increasing "CSI" scores increases Service Department Profits.

          A lot of Service Advisors and even some Service Managers will blame their product, Tech's, lack of training, the Parts Department, or even their customers for poor CSI scores and even poorer sales performance — and sometimes they're right.

          But even Willy Wonka couldn't sell the goose that laid the "Golden Egg" if he began by using an offensive, self-centered "sales pitch".

          Useless Idea #5: You need to learn how to "Handle Customer Objections."

          A poorly trained Service Advisor is an objection waiting to happen. Learning how to "handle" these objections is like trying to keep a sinking canoe afloat using a Dixie cup.

          Knowing how to correctly communicate and sell eliminates objections because your client, customer, or loved-ones have absolutely no reason whatsoever to object.

          Useless Idea #6: Selling is a "Numbers Game".

          Most people with extensive sales training and even college degrees get it wrong. (And yes, even people with six figure incomes and half-million dollar homes—who could be making much more, get it wrong, too).

          They've been taught to think that to make big money selling you need to see more people.

          They think the more they work, the more sales they'll make.

          In my system, the exact opposite is true. The less you work, the more the system works for you.

          Useless Idea #7: Selling is different when dealing with "Female Customers".

          Experts say that John Gray's book "Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus" started a revolution. While this may be true, there are still many ways men and women can learn to sell effectively.

          Researchers focusing on what female consumers want their likes, dislikes, and expectations from salespeople uncovered a common theme.

          This theme was that women often feel that male salespeople do not take the time to listen to them.

          They describe them with words like "pushy," "aggressive," and "high pressure," and said that, far from being helpful, male salespeople were "condescending", "impatient", "impolite", and "poor listeners".

          "Hello!!" it's not just the female consumer that thinks that a "poor listener" makes for a "bad salesperson".

          It just so happens, that most of the people employed in the service drive are over-extended, stressed out, and under-trained.

          This type of person regardless of whether male or female will be prone to "poor listening" habits.

          With the Top Secret Service Advisor program you'll learn how to communicate more effectively with everyone and make selling to them effortless.

          Useless Idea #8: Managing the "Service Customer" experience.

          This is an excerpt of what they teach in this useless session:

          "Whenever a customer comes in for service, make sure that the customer experience remains pleasant. Pleasant experiences generate loyal customers. Loyal customers return for service regularly and continue to purchase vehicles from your dealership". Blah, Blah, Blah...

          Today's professional Service Advisors must understand the interdependence of the Parts, Service and Technical relationships and explain it to the customer in a non-technical way.

          Truly professional Service Advisors must understand the customer wants and create services the meet their needs.

          The Top Secret Service Advisor program focuses on the dynamics of working with people and the complexities of coordinating the customers expectations with the delivered product.

          Useless Idea #9: They teach you - "The Role of the Service Advisor"

          This is what they teach in this useless session:

          The Service Advisors primary responsibility is to act as the initial contact between the customer and the service department.

          A customer's impression of the service experience begins the moment he/she calls the dealership or drives the vehicle into the dealership.

          The dealership's reputation is "on-line" with every customer contact. The job of the service advisor is to:

          • gather information.
          • provide excellent customer service.
          • ensure proper treatment.

          Last time I checked we weren't paying Service Advisors to be restaurant hostesses! Think about it:

          - gather information: (Translation) They take your name and then it's "Mr. Customer, party of 2"!!

          - provide excellent customer service: (Translation) "Right this way please", and "Your waitresses' name is Amber, and she'll be right with you".

          - ensure proper treatment: (Translation) They ask you "Was everything O.K."? as you're leaving the restaurant.

          NO!!! we're paying Service Advisors to SELL Parts and Labor for our Service Dept.!!!

          Not be a hostess!!! or a babysitter to our Technicians, or a parts runner or a valet, parking cars!!!

          Yet, I've seen Service Advisors doing these and dozens of other ridiculous tasks that don't produce a dime of gross profit for the Service Department in the last 25 years.

          We structure their pay plans around selling. Let's give them every opportunity to do so in the most effective way possible.

          Useless Idea #10: Time Management for the Service Advisor

          There is no greater time waster in the service drive than playing phone tag with a customer.

          Amateur Service Advisors who fear selling or don't have the skills to communicate properly during the write-up process employ this tactic habitually.

          The goal is to not call your customer with an estimate, the goal is to sell the necessary repairs when you have the decision maker in your sights.

          During the day customers are difficult to reach, technicians get even more whiny, repairs can't be completed on time... productivity and profits are crushed.

          This frustrating drama is played out time after time when repairs are held up for customer authorizations.

          Many Service Advisors seem to think the idea of writing service is to act as busy as possible.

          Why??? A hamster in a cage can stay busy and still not get anywhere.

          My system is going to show you how sell more service work faster, easier, and undo years of old habits and sub-par performance.

          The Top Secret Service Advisor system is the best leverage for your time and effort. It will allow you to achieve successes most Service Advisors can only dream of.

          If You're Tired Of Paying for Service Advisor Training Programs That Don't Work more than
          3 days after your Advisor attends...

          Then Please Keep on Reading!

          Most training programs and seminars kill hundreds of trees worth of printed pages and waste profitable, unrecoverable hours on useless ideas like these and more. The generic-ness of these ideas and all kinds of others you can find out about for FREE online. 

          I won't waste your time with those kinds of topics. 

          I cut to the chase and teach you the one thing no other trainer wants you to know.  I eliminate 99% of all the fluff and nonsense and teach Service Advisors how to really sell.

          In fact, this information is so straightforward and simple to comprehend...that there are only 3 things you need to make this program work for you:

          1. An open mind when presented with unfamiliar (and often-times strange) ideas.

          2. The ability to follow directions that are no more complicated than a recipe on the back of a can of soup.

          3. The desire to make selling fun and effortless.

          If you meet these three criteria, then this program will be a breeze for you to follow.
          If you want to know the things you don't need, request my free report
          The Top 10 Most Perpetuated Most Sales Frauds
          for a brief introductory list.

          And Here Are Just a Few of the Things You'll Learn in this Program...

          sales training The "Secret Formula" that separates the successful Service Advisor from the "Walking Brochure."

          sales training The mental process that everyone (including you!) goes through, from the moment they begin thinking about buying a product or service, until they plunk down their hard-earned cash.

          sales training How to nurture a customer until they're ready to buy because - "People buy when they're ready to buy, not when you're ready to sell".

          sales training The single, biggest mistake struggling Service Advisors make and how to avoid it.

          sales training The difference between "Demonstrating and Presenting" and why you must understand the differences, to be effective at "Selling".

          sales training Why "Closing the Sale" is the biggest mistake you'll ever make in selling...for both You and your Customer.

          sales training Never-Before-Included Material: "The Myth that's been Perpetuated on Service Advisors for over 40 years."

          sales training The 3 most important things you must do to get customers to buy from you... And it has "nothing" to do with repairing their car.

          sales training How to turn an angry customer into a buying one!

          sales training How to get your customers to convince themselves to buy what your selling.

          sales training Why your best selling skills will become completely natural... (forget about trying to figure out someone's "body language" or using preposterous "rapport building techniques" that could take months to learn).

          sales training What you're really selling... (you'll be truly amazed when you discover this powerfully simple secret!)


          I Know What You're Thinking Right Now!!!
          It's Hard to Know Who to Believe Anymore...

          Some Fixed Ops Consultants or Trainers promise results that can't be delivered in any business environment. If you're planning investing in any new training programs, at least know what you're getting yourself into...

          My 7 Pet Peeves of the So-Called
          "Fixed Ops Gurus"

          1. Their training program has a copyright on it older than your grandparents.

            I've got news for you: This Digital Information Age has completely transformed the occupation of professional Service Advisor. 

            The techniques and strategies that worked fifty years ago are laughable today. 

            If you're using a program from the 1950's, then you better be servicing Edsel's! because senior citizens will be the only people responding to your offer.

          2. Their program doesn't offer any coaching or one-on-one role playing. 

            It's easy to write a sales manual and teach it in a seminar or classroom---but how many of those same Consultants are willing to work one-on-one in the real world teaching real people those same ideas? 

            I stand by every principle I teach.  I'm on the front lines every day perfecting my ideas with every student I enroll.  If something worked once, I make sure it keeps working...over and over and over again.

          3. They "teach" selling, but they can't sell!

            I wanted to study construction management in college.  Before spending a penny on that major, I interviewed almost every professor in the business department. 

            During the course of my "pre-spending" interviews, I discovered only one professor in the entire department actually ran a construction business (and it was an unprofitable business at that)! 

            All the other professors taught "How to run a business" courses---but none of them used what they taught in any practical or profitable way.  Needless to say, I chose another route.

          4. Their program teaches most of my "5 Tragic Myths About Selling."

            Check out my free report:

            The Top Five Tragic Myths About Selling!

            for more information on what never to do to your customers.  These techniques are a obvious red flag for anyone attempting to call themselves a "Professional Service Advisor."

          5. Their sales material doesn't sell anything.

            I'm astounded how many Fixed Operations Consultants and Trainers websites have some of the most boring, uninspiring sales copy I've ever read! 

            And what's worse, they don't have any compelling offers for anyone who happens to find their "Needle in a Haystack" website. 

            I'm not saying a boring website is any indication of the material offered, but where I come from: selling is selling. 

            If they can't sell on their websites, how can you expect them to teach you or your Advisors how to sell in your service drive?

          6. They teach silly, outdated selling tactics they wouldn't dare use on their friends and family.

            I know trainers who would never use their very own tactics on their family.  And my response is: "If you wouldn't treat your your family or friends like that, why would you treat your customers that way?"

          7. They make you memorize pages and pages of manipulative-sounding scripts.

            You know whether or not someone's being genuine with you or spouting out a bunch of nonsense they've tried to memorize from some training course...and I promise you: your customers know it, too! 

            In my system you won't have to memorize any kind of long-winded pitches or complicated closing techniques.  In fact, once you go through this program and practice a few of my 60-second "sales bursts", you'll be amazed at how effortless and uncomplicated this system of selling really is.

          Why You Should Believe What I'm Telling You:

          First off: This technology has been used in dozens of top performing, most recogognizable, Service Departments in the country.

          You don't get into these companies spouting off a bunch of re-hashed junk. I'm also endorsed by some of the country's most respected Dealers.

          Second: In all honesty, you probably shouldn't really believe a single thing I'm telling you about this program. In fact, I want you to take what I'm saying and test it out for yourself.

          Imagine this:

          It's the late 1800's and your only form of transportation is a horse and wagon.

          If I drove up to your house in an automobile, even as primitive as they were back then, and told you I bought you one, and said, "After two days of practice, I guarantee I'll have you driving this jalopy around at speeds exceeding 25 miles per hour!"

          Would you believe me?

          How could you? You have no frame of reference for the experience.

          My system is somewhat unusual. It's not like other Service Advisor training courses.

          Most other courses are like reading a book on learning how to drive a car.

          You may learn how to move your feet on the pedals to stop and go. You'll learn how to steer this horseless wagon - but until you get behind the wheel - you'll never know what it's like to really drive one.

          In my program you'll get behind the wheel!

          So here it is: You don't have to believe anything I'm saying to you. All I ask is that you give this system a shot.  Many Fixed Ops trainers list all the places they've worked, positions they've held etc.

          My credentials are simple: My system works! and I back it up with a Money Back Guarantee!!!

          How many other Fixed Ops Trainers or Consultants do that ???

          This program is "Unbelievable..."

          "All I did was follow the formula and my sales results went through the ROOF!"

          Frank - Honda Service Advisor - Massachusetts

          A Few More Things this Program Will Teach You:

          sales training How to eliminate the "Fear of Rejection" so selling becomes fun again!

          The technique that will make a customers first objection, his last; and in less than 25 seconds, get a commitment from him to buy.

          The method for asking questions that make it impossible for your customer to give you a "No" or "I need to think it over" answer.

          The "Truth about Overcoming Objections" and why if you're currently doing it; it's costing you money.

          The 4 problems with "Traditional Closing" methods and how to make a sale using them - If you get lucky.

          The simple phrase you need to defeat the customers most famous last words "I want to think it over".

          How to "prevent objections" by getting inside the mind of your customers.

          How the most highly compensated Service Advisors make repeated sales without uttering more than "2 words".

          Why just having "product knowledge" won't guarantee you a successful or highly profitable career as a Service Advisor.

          Why non-stop talking overwhelms your customers and actually creates more problems for you and how selling using my "Covert Close" will stop the personal rejection and protect your ego. (You'll be surprised in the difference after only one week of consistent practice)!

          How to get your customer to make a buying decision instead of stealing control of your presentation, leaving you with the most dreaded answer of all time in selling, the "I want to think it over".

          There are 3 primary emotions customers feel when they enter the Dealership, but they only buy from you, when feeling one of them. Which one is it and how do you keep them from feeling the other two?

          Money-Back Guarantee??? Who cares...

          "I had always thought of myself as being good at making sales, I threw out everything I previously used and now I only use the Top Secret formula."

          "Now my customers can't say "No"!

          Jim - Toyota Service Advisor - New York

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           If You're thinking...

          ...I don't have enough money for this kind of program, or

          ...My selling skills aren't that bad, or

          ...I'm naturally a "people person", or

          ...I'm already too busy...

          or any one of 99 other excuses...

          Remember what the famous business philosopher Jim Rohn said;
          "If you always do, what you've always done;
          You'll always get, what you always got!

          Think about this:

          No matter how bad the economy is...a great Service Advisor (one that can really sell) will always make a lot money...

          No matter how few jobs there are available...a great Service Advisor can always find rewarding work...

          It doesn't matter how busy their lives get...a great Service Advisor can always find people who can lighten the load...

          No matter what kind of Dealership...a great Service Advisor will always separate themselves from the crowd...

          The Two Reasons Why You Shouldn't Invest In This Program...

          There are only two reasons why you shouldn't invest in this program:

          If you're already making more money than you could possibly spend in this lifetime...or

          2) If you already have highly stimulating, and deeply connected relationships with every person you already know or those you meet daily.

          These very same skills have been taught to hundreds of people with amazing results every time. 

          Can't Wait? 
          Order Now on our Secure Server!

          In one NJ Dealership, the Dealer Principal had this to say about this program:

          "His style is unique. His work has been consistently above the norm with the people he coaches. They routinely average 25%-30% greater sales in the service drive."

          "What this program has brought to our Service Department has been more profitable to us than any other Consultant or Training Program we've ever had!"

          "And it's so easy, we use it every day..."

          Your Sales-Ability or Your Money Back...

          So here's my offer: If you want a simple, no-bull system that works, with easy, adaptable ideas you can use right away, then you need to give my program a shot. 

          Now when I say: 'give my program a shot', I mean exactly that; read my easy-to-follow, 161 page jam-packed course one time, embarrass yourself with a few of my quick and simple-to-do "60 second burst exercises", and then watch your sales take off. That's all.  

          Don't Decide Now...

          Try it risk-free for a full 12 months. Yep, 1 whole year!!!

          If you aren't absolutely thrilled with the results, meaning: if you don't increase your sales by at least $ 25,000 and have deeper, more profound relationships with all of the most important people in your life, then I'll give you your money back, no questions asked.  

          In fact all you have to do is just send me the program back at any time within the first 12 months after you purchase it and I'll immediately refund your full purchase price.

          How can I make this kind of guarantee?

          Because I know this course is better than anything else you'll find by any other Fixed Ops Consultant or Trainer and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is...

          Have you ever heard of another Consultant or Trainer willing to give you this kind of guarantee?

          I don't think so!!!

          That's because their income is based on what they sell to you. My income is based on what you sell to others.

          You see, if this program doesn't work and you don't sell more, I have to give you your money back. That's why I developed this program to guarantee your success.

          Using their outdated, regurgitated methods there's no way they can guarantee the results. My program is completely different and so are the results!

          That's why I can give you this guarantee.

          Now, I realize there are a few unscrupulous characters surfing the net who order products with the intention of returning them after casually studying the material.

          I don't want to sound harsh here, but if that's what you're planning on doing, please don't bother ordering this program!

          This material is for serious, professional Dealership Service Advisors only (and although most Service Advisors consider themselves professionals, not everyone is all that serious about learning how to do it better).

          For more information on the guarantee, please Click Here!

          So What Do You Have To Lose?

          So again, what do you have to lose?

          Inept Service Advisors are capable of doing many, many things wrong, but outstanding Service Advisors consistently do one thing right.

          Learn this one thing and your sales performance and everyday life will never be the same.  

          You may be one of the few lucky Service Advisors who actually know what you're selling, (and if so, you probably don't need this program) but what would happen if you decided to take your skills to a whole new level?


          "In the time we've worked together, I've found your approach to be extremely helpful.

          In this ever-changing Automotive market, you've helped me to identify and maximize opportunities others would tend to overlook.

          I feel I've grown as a person and that's improved my ability to work with customers on a variety of different levels."

          Dave - Land Rover Service Advisor - Pennsylvania

          This Knowledge You Could Easily...

          ...spend $6,000 - $30,000 on a Service Advisors Training program from some Consulting Company or Technical School (I've even seen Community Colleges and Universities offering these courses) and still not know how to sell... 

          (How many colleges or universities offer iron-clad money-back guarantees? None, to my knowledge.)

          ...spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS at seminars or workshops and still not know what you're selling...

          ...spend hundreds on a sales course that "used to work" or you can use a proven system that works right now!

          Time Sensitive Note - 54.3% Price Slash - Only
          Guaranteed Until


          You're probably wondering how much this kind of training will cost you... I have to be honest here, it won't be cheap.

          I've spent eleven years and countless thousands of dollars developing this program; I've tested, re-tested, and refined each principle until they have proved to be successful in any situation.

          How much would it be worth for you to instantly increase your sales by 50 or 60 percent?

          How much would it be worth for you to have deeper relationships with your spouse, children, and friends? $1,000? $5,000? $10,000?  Can you even put a price on those kinds of things?

          Absolutely! Everything has a price, either in time or in money.

          And if you're like me, you probably don't have much time and you'd like to learn a few ways to make a little more money.

          So here it is: This program normally costs $697, but because this is the first time I'm marketing it online, I'm offering it for a significant discount.

          For only $297 you'll get the complete program delivered by FEDEX to any address in the USA.

          sales training


          My friends (and competitors) think I'm crazy, but I want to try a little experiment: For the next few hours I'm offering the complete Top Secret Service Advisor! Coaching Program for the low price of $297!

          This is not some cheesy marketing scheme. I merely want to find out if a lower price point increases my conversion rate by 50%. If it doesn't work, I'll be going back to the full price of $697.

          You may want to click the "refresh" button on your screen to make sure it's still available as you're reading these words.

          And if you're not convinced this is one of the best investments you'll ever make, scroll down and find out what else I'm including...

          sales training

          Bonus #1:
          My FREE Report:
          How to Speak Volumes
          Without Saying a Word! ($129 value)

          Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of California in Los Angeles, Albert Mehrabian, created the "7%-38%-55% Rule". It is a communication rule defining what factors give meaning to our words.

          Knowing the power of body language, you will be able to control your non-verbal communication to communicate the messages you want others to receive. If you telegraph lazy, boring, or unattractive body language, others will immediately begin judging you as lazy, boring, or unattractive.

          Your body language really has the power to influence and communicate what you want - in this case, how to buy what you're selling.

          BONUS #2:
          My Never-Before-Included Special Report:

          "21 Magnetic Communications Secrets Revealed"
          ($97 Value)

          I hadn't planned on including these stand-alone bonus reports in this program... but I've been teaching these strategies in my seminars and the response has been so overwhelming that I decided to include this $97 Special Report free of charge.

          sales training

          If you do any kind of public speaking...(or even if you're scared to death of public speaking), you can't afford not to have this information. Everyone can feel the presence of a charismatic person, but what is it that creates that presence? This program will tell you everything you need to know...Here's what the bonus chapters will teach you: 

          •  What charisma really is and how you can develop it for yourself. 
          •  How to touch people in a way that makes them happier and lighter in your presence.
          • The difference between "true" and "phony" charisma (knowing the difference will make you a far more powerful communicator.)

          sales training

          BONUS #3:
          My Special 30-page
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